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Double Glazing Replacements in Swansea | How To Spot Blown Windows

Misty Windows Blown Double Glazing In Swansea

Do you think your double glazing might need a replacement? If you think you need double glazing replacements in Swansea, you won’t want to delay. Blown windows can seriously impact the energy efficiency of your home and should be replaced as soon as possible. Find out more about what issues might affect your double glazed windows and when you should seek out repairs or replacements.

Sometimes you only need to change the glass and reseal it. If the frames suffer damage then the whole unit will need replacing.

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How Does Double Glazing Work?

Double glazing describes a window with two panes of glass. The glass is positioned with a spacer bar between. This creates an air gap that’s filled with insulating gas. Double glazing will retain heat inside a room and stop cold air getting in.

A double glazed window has a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years, so you should expect to replace them eventually.

Blown Windows

A blown window is when moisture gets in between the layers of glass in a double glazing unit. Read on to find out what the signs of blown windows are.

Misty Windows

You might not notice this at first, but over time damaged double glazing will build up condensation. Moisture indicates that the seals aren’t effective, and once it’s in between the panes of glass it will continue to get worse.

It’s impossible to wipe this condensation away as it would involve dismantling the whole unit. It won’t dry out either. Once the inert gas has been replaced with moisture, the glass will continue to fog up and look cloudy. It can even stain your windows to an unpleasant tone.

Cold Draughts

If cold air is getting into your home, it could be coming through the window seals. If the seals have deteriorated then they won’t be insulating your home very well. This could have a costly impact on your heating bill and encourages warping over time.

Warped Frames

If the uPVC frame of your window is warped, you might have difficulty opening and shutting the window. It’s common for this to happen over time, and sometimes it’s an easy fix. A small correction can repair warped frames, but if the issue is a little bigger then a replacement will be in order.

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Call Classic PVC To Repair Your Double Glazed Windows In Swansea And The Surrounding Areas

For double glazing replacements in Swansea or a surrounding area of Wales, call Classic PVC. We’re experts in all things glass and uPVC.

We’ll give you specialist advice and find the best solution for your double glazing problem. If your windows need replacing, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from.

Make the most of the energy efficiency that your windows offer by getting your double glazing replacements in Swansea done by an expert.

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